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Dear Students from Yakutsk and Dallas, 


          Environmental issues have become a common point of interest at all levels of societies around the world.  Although individuals in different areas of the globe are affected differently, they all are touched in some way by their shared environment.  Scientists, although sharply divided in their views in the past, seem to be more united in expressing concern about issues such as global warming.  Similarly, governments have tended to focus more on economic and social issues, relegating environmental issues to future discussions, but these issues have now come to the forefront of political debates.


          The rather recent concern about the environment has been fueled by individuals such as former US Vice President Albert Gore, who received a Nobel Prize for his work in educating individuals and organizations.  On a grassroots level, we all raise questions about apparent changes in weather and about the possible effects of running households, businesses, and nations in a petroleum-free world, a prospect that has not until recently been considered seriously.


          During the next several weeks, you and your instructors will read  about crucial environmental issues which affect all of us.  As indicated in the title of this project, our work will entail global collaboration, as two classes from different parts of the world will read the article about Global Warming to share ideas, work together to understand some rather complex issues, and discuss the issues.


          We look forward to working together to explore environmental issues that have an impact on all of us.  We hope that this project will be an exciting, educational, and rewarding adventure for all of us.


          To begin your adventure, go to the Sidebar. You will find a link for it in the upper righthand corner of your screen.  The Sidebar features the Table of Contents for this wiki. Check the various documents listed there, especially the schedule..  We, your instructors, will guide you through the next several weeks of work.  At any time, if you have questions or concerns, please see your local instructor or feel free to seek help from anyone on the wiki.


We look forward to collaborating with you in this wiki! Please, before working in the wiki, use this tutorial located in WIKI  Video Tutorials as well.


Professors Olesova (Yakutsk) and Weasenforth (Dallas) 

Larrisa Alexeevna Olesova

Yakutsk University



Donald Weasenforth

Collin College



Comments (2)

zozan said

at 11:13 pm on Mar 21, 2010

i do believe that is not late to take care of our ocean and educate the people more about taking care of the coast live around us. since the water is 2/3 of the whole planet, i agree we have to move forward and very strong to take care of our water life and that what Dan Lafeoley believe and trying to explain his idea about taking care of the ocean. I think the main idea in the article is " we urgently need to bring the ocean into the agenda alongside forest so that, as soon as possible, we can help the oceans to help us" Dan Lafeoly. the main idea going alongside with agreement that the sea life can have a big effect on the global warming issue

zozan said

at 10:16 am on Apr 3, 2010

i do believe that is to late to take care of the global warming issue we have and we face now. we start to see all the impact of this issue on our life, like hurricanes and earthquake. i think we are in the hole, it will never hurt if we work harder to at last make the impact slower, but it will take a lot times and effort. i do not know if all the countries will be ready to do that or involve in this but i am hoping this will happen. it will take a lot resource and a heavy economics support but this is the only way at least to slow the process of keeping hurting our plant.

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